2014 Calgary Breakfast - Sally Armstrong


At the Calgary Breakfast, Sally Armstrong shared dramatic and empowering stories about women from across the globe—from Kabul to Cairo, from Mosul to Nairobi, and right here at home—who are changing the world as we know it. Thanks to their stunning courage, tenacity and wit, these game-changers are shifting the global status of women. Their strength will inspire you and their actions will affect your wallet, your security, and your peace of mind. 
Sally is a winner of the Calgary Peace Prize, a human rights activist, and one of Canada’s most respected journalists. She has been described as “the war correspondent for the world’s women.” For the last twenty-five years, Sally has been reporting on women in zones of conflict. Rarely has she had a good news story to tell, but over the last few years she has witnessed the beginning of a powerful new revolution. Women and girls from around the globe—and right here in Canada—are rising up and speaking out against violence. Their stories of courage in the face of oppression are inspirational. As Sally says, “The time for women is now.” 
Thank you to the generous companies and individuals who, through their purchase of a table, supported the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s work to prevent violence against women, end poverty and empower girls, as well as our latest initiative: a new 5-year strategy to end the sex trafficking of women and girls in Canada.



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