Bahar Shadpour

Bahar Shadpour was formerly Public Relations and Online Engagement Manager at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Passionate about women’s rights, human rights and creating awareness about issues affecting marginalized members of society. If I’m not reading a book at home, I’m probably outdoors playing sports or discovering nature’s beauty.

Must Reads for the Week of November 28th

newspaper stackThe International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was this week, which kicked off 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. The last day will end on December 10th with the International Human Rights Day. Check out the Canadian government’s website to learn more and how you can take action to end violence against women. 

If you want to share resources with your friends and family, check out The Facts About Violence against Women in Canada and Tips for parents to help their teens develop skills they need to create healthy relationships.

Must Reads for the Week of November 21st

newspaper stackThis week we released our new study on the impact of youth mentorship on helping to build confidence in Canadian women. This study shows that having a positive mentor who offers non-judgemental support and helps identify unique strengths in a girl is key to building their confidence as they grow up.

Girls are pressured to pay more attention to their outward appearance, and to have less confidence in their ability to do well in ‘male dominated’ sectors like computer science and engineering.

Must Reads for the Week of November 14

Newspaper stackThis week we read two studies by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – one on the progress of gender equality in Canada and the other on the real cost of child care in Canada’s big cities.

Women of colour are speaking out against racism and sexism within the workplace, legal system and society at large while a powerful read explains the ongoing ignorance for Aboriginal women’s lives in Canada.

Must Reads for the Week of October 31st

Newspaper stackThis week the news about Jian Ghomeshi dominated media coverage and public discourse. We witnessed many instances of victim-blaming while as the week unfolded we witnessed what seems to be a raised level of public awareness about consent and the realities faced by sexual assault survivors. 

Yet, during this time many forget the impact such public discourse and media coverage has on survivors of sexual and physical assault across the country.

Must Reads for the Week of October 24th

Newspaper stackThis week we learned that our friends at White Ribbon were targeted by a men’s rights group that set up a phony White Ribbon website. An analysis of a new study on online harassment helped us better understand this issue through a gendered lens.

A spoken word poet kept us glued to the screen with her ‘another rape poem’ while fashion industry’s use of white women models with faces painted brown was shocking.

Must Reads for the Week of October 17th

Newspaper stackToday is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. To honour this day, learn the facts about poverty in Canda and our approach to end poverty. Then read a couple of posts on the wage gap and the state of female workers after the recession in the U.S.

Read two excellent articles on the state of feminism today and how we can move feminism forward.

Must Reads for the Week of October 3rd

Newspaper stackThis week we read a great article explaining what ‘privilege’ means and how we can challenge oppressive systems.With so much pop feminism in the news today, read a Globe and Mail article on why we need fewer celebrity feminists. Then read another article arguing that celebrities using their cultural power and voice is good for feminism.

There are less women in the tech world because of its culture, as one article discusses while a female boss asks her readers to help her solve her problem with managing a chauvinist.

Must Reads for the Week of September 26

Newspaper stackThis week read about fraternity culture and blurred lines of consent, then watch a video calling out a YouTuber who is sexually harassing women.

Learn some of the reasons why 'leaning In' isn't enough for increasing women in leadership roles and learn about a new study on gender bias in movies today.

An article discusses how digital media has changed women's lives and another recognizes 10 powerful women in video games.


Must Reads for the Week of September 19

Anita Sarkeesian has been the target of online death and rape threats, which has brought the issue of online misogyny to greater light. Read why she earned a standing ovation and about a recent discovery of a bomb threat against her at an award show last year. Other women working in the gaming world have also experienced online misogyny, as one powerful article explains.

In Canada, Aboriginal women are using the hashtag I'm Not Next to pressure the government for an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.


Must Reads for the Week of September 12

Newspaper stackThe Ray Rice story continues to bring widespread public attention to the problem of domestic violence. Learn some of the facts about violence against women in Canada, understand why a woman might stay in a violent relationship, read on the warning signs of an abusive relationship, and download two tip sheets to help you learn more and take effective action.

In other news this week, a woman felt her looks didn't fit with various cultural standards of what's considered beautiful and wanted to see how her face would be transformed on the digital surgical table. See 18 Before and After photos from different countries.