Haydee is a mother, grandmother, teacher and writer. She spends her days in sheer joy and peace. There is not a single day that she takes for granted. She has a heart full of love and gratitude for the people who helped her and her family become whole, and the creators of a life of meaning and purpose.

Putting the Pieces Back Together After Abuse

7.4 billion is the annual estimated cost of spousal violence in Canada

As part of the Foundation’s annual Campaign to End Violence, we’re asking Canadians to make a donation and send a message of support to women in shelters. It was the support and encouragement of others that helped Haydee rebuild her life after experiencing violence many years ago. In today’s blog post, Haydee shares some of her story and reflects on what she would say to her younger self.
Years ago, I was living in isolation land. I had made the difficult decision to take my daughter and leave an abusive relationship, with only a small suitcase and a few family photos in hand.