Helping women and girls is cost effective.

It won’t cost you much to give women and girls a chance for a better life, but it will pay long-term dividends.

For example, our work to end poverty helps women to become financially self-sufficient.  In one study of our economic development programs, 94% of the women improved their quality of life. Only 18% of the women in the programs had any disposal income when they joined, but by the time the programs ended that number had doubled to 36%.  The women launched over 600 small businesses, 92% of which were still in operation at the end of the research period. Even more impressive, 84% of the women who were on welfare when they joined the programs became less dependent on these payments.

Incredibly, it costs only $2,500 to fund a woman to attend one of these life-changing programs.

When you give women and girls a chance for a better life, it’s not just the right thing to do—it’s an intelligent investment in a better world.