Bev Dales

“I want them to see the sky’s the limit...”

I have two granddaughters, one 11 and one 14, and they are both at that prime age when girls start to face certain challenges.

My older granddaughter is a star hockey player and has always been very independent and self-sufficient. But now she’s in Grade 9, and the pressures are so different.

At this age, girls need some coaching on how to stand up for their rights, to not feel threatened by all that advertising, and the pressures about what they should wear.

True equal opportunity is not here yet. Girls are still pigeonholed into certain ideas of what they should be doing with their lives.

That’s why the trades programs the Foundation supports are so terrific. We need more plumbers and electricians and auto mechanics, and why shouldn’t they be women?

I’ve heard some young women say “Women are already equal.” But the reality is that women are still hitting brick walls.

I want my granddaughters to know it’s possible to do everything they want to do. I want them to see that the sky’s the limit, and that no one can keep them from reaching their goals.

Bev Dales, Donor