I came to Canada from Eretria in 2009. I have four children, aged twelve to 16 months. Back home, I worked in a daycare before I was married.Zewdi

This program isn’t important just for finding work. It also teaches us how children grow up. That is very important.

Back home, sometimes the moms would hit the kids. In Canada, you don’t hit them just to buy good behaviour. We give a time out, or play a game. Or you take away TV or their video games.

I won’t let my son play video games from Monday to Friday. When he asks why, I tell him. I say “Because it’s time for school.” Back home, we wouldn’t explain.

Here, they get more ‘face-by-face’ time, more personal attention from parents. And giving them a schedule is good. This is better—you don’t confuse them.

I’m going to be getting a Habitat for Humanity home. I could maybe take care of five or six children. Or I could apply to work at a daycare.

In Canada, for children it’s very good. Here, children have everything they need.

Here, children have freedom.