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“Our Emera team came together to demonstrate our support and care for those who have suffered from violence and to show them there is hope in the world. Through Move for Hope we were able to express our care in a small way for both those who need a new start without violence in their lives, as well as for those kind-hearted souls who help to provide that. Our involvement and commitment to raising money for this important cause has touched all of our hearts.” - Emera

The best employers know that their employees feel more committed and engaged in their work if they have shared values and an opportunity to give back to the community. Whether you own a small business or work for a large company, Move for Hope is a great opportunity to get your workplace involved and engaged in giving back.

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Corporate Matching

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Start a Team

Use our resources to get your colleagues involved in Move for Hope:

Corporate Matching

Find out if your company matches and double your donations.
A corporate donation match not only doubles the impact, it’s a great source of support and motivation for employees. This in turn is a huge incentive for donors to increase their support!

Ask your executive, community relations or HR team if they have an existing Corporate Matching Program, or be willing to provide a donation match to your team or individual efforts.

Corporate Matching submission details
Once you have confirmed that your employer will match donations, you are ready to mail your package to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Your employer must submit a letter with their donation so that the Foundation can allocate the funds to the appropriate team. Please include the following details in the letter:
Company/donor name:
Donation amount:
Name of employee or team where donation is being directed:
All cheques, along with the above letter from the employer confirming the donation, can be mailed to:

Canadian Women’s Foundation
133 Richmond Street West, Suite 504
Toronto, ON
M5H 2L3

If you need confirmation of the total amount raised before your employer will match, please send us an email including:

Team Name:
Name of all participants to be matched:
Contact for matching agreement:

We will be in touch shortly after May 30, 2015 with confirmation of the total funds raised.

Event Sponsorship

Contact us to learn about sponsorship opportunities that offer your company a meaningful way to have impact, and profile in your community.

Donated Fundraising Prizes

We source Fundraising Rewards locally in order to reduce costs and promote community businesses. If you own a business in one of our Move for Hope cities and would like to donate products or gift certificates as prizes for our top fundraisers, please get in touch with our team. For your generous support we are happy to offer your business recognition opportunities at the event.

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