Move for Hope How Your Support Raises Hope

“That first night at the shelter, I finally felt safe. For the first time in thirteen years, I actually slept through the night. It was a new beginning. A turning point.” - Survivor

Funds you raise will go to support over 450 shelters for abused women and their children across Canada, and prevention programs that break the cycle of violence.

When you help provide a woman who has experienced emotional or physical abuse with safe shelter, long-term support and access to resources like affordable housing and child care, she can begin to see hope again.

When you teach high school students about healthy relationships, they learn how to recognize the early warning signs of abuse and stop the violence before it starts.

When you provide a child who has witnessed abuse with counselling they are better able to cope with the aftermath of trauma and avoid becoming victims or abusers themselves.

Read how your support has helped women like Haydee, Patricia and Stephanie overcome violence.

Haydee     Patricia     Stephanie
“I knew then I had two choices:
leave or become a statistic”
“Armed with the information from the shelter, I made a plan and when it was possible I packed up my sons and we made our escape.”
“I just remember having a feeling in my stomach: ‘This is it. I’m done.’”


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