Past Calgary Breakfasts

Looking for inspiration? Want to make a difference in the lives of women and girls across Canada? The Canadian Women's Foundation Calgary and Toronto Breakfasts are inspiring, eye-opening, sell-out events. See some of our past Breakfast speakers below.

October 2015 - Maysoon Zayid - Tickets Available Now!

At the 2015 Canadian Women's Foundation Breakfasts, Maysoon will share her unique and often hilarious take on equality. She will make you laugh, but she’ll also make you think about the treatment of people living with a disability, the impact of cyberbullying, and much more.

2014 - Sally Armstrong

In 2014 Sally Armstrong shared dramatic and empowering stories about women from across the globe—from Kabul to Cairo, from Mosul to Nairobi, and right here at home—who are changing the world as we know it. 

2013 - Geena Davis

When actor Geena Davis, was watching television with her two-year-old daughter, she was shocked at the lack of female characters in children's programs. Today, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media is the only research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry regarding the portrayal of women and girls in children’s entertainment. She spoke about her work at the 2013 Breakfast.

2012 - Shelagh Rogers

In 2012, Shelagh Rogers, veteran broadcast-journalist and host of "The Next Chapter" on CBC Radio delivered the keynote speech at the Calgary Breakfast.



2011 - Indira Samarasekera

Indira Samarasekera, President of the University of Alberta, says it takes vision, ambition, and courage to live your live with purpose. In her 2011 address, Indira shared her personal journey, from civil war in her home country of Sri Lanka, to her childhood passion for mathematics and physics, to arriving in Canada in 1977 to complete her doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering at the University of British Columbia.