Professional Advisors

Look what happens when you satisfy both your client’s passion for change and their demand for accountability...

If you are a financial planner, lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor looking to develop successful charitable giving plans for your clients, we can help.

We know what you’re looking for—a highly effective charity with excellent financials, outstanding leaders, proven outcomes, and impeccable ethical standards. Its mission must be a good match for your client’s beliefs and values. It must offer several ways of giving, and options for deeper engagement.

We offer your clients the unique opportunity to make Canada more prosperous and competitive, by helping to stop the violence, end poverty, and empower girls.

Research shows when you improve women’s equality, you improve economic and social conditions for everyone. As the World Economic Forum points out, “the most important determinant of a country’s competitiveness is its human talent – the skills, education and productivity of its workforce.” According to the Forum’s research, even in countries like Canada where women enjoy the same health and education levels as men, their economic participation is “far from optimal.” But when countries achieve gender equality, they maximize their competitiveness and economic potential.

Your client will invest in proven programs that give women and girls from across Canada a chance for a better life, by helping them move out of poverty, out of violence, and into confidence.

That’s not just the right thing to do—it’s an intelligent investment in a better world.

We invite you to learn more about the Benefits for Your Clients and their Giving Options.

You may also want to examine our Financial Info, Annual Reports and Financial Statements and learn more about Our Commitment to You.

For more information, please email Laura Owen, Director, Philanthropy, or call her directly at 416-365-1444 extension 254 to schedule a private appointment.