RoseWhen Rose left her abusive husband, she knew she might have to raise her sons in poverty, but she also knew that was better than the alternative.

“Giving up and returning to a life of abuse would have surely put me in the grave,” she says.

“I was determined to make it on my own. I took an unknown step forward and left a life of fear, hoping for a more peaceful one.”

Like many women fleeing abuse, Rose had very little money. However, she had recently learned about a special no-interest loan program designed for women in her situation. Rose could use the loan to help with housing costs like first and last month’s rent, moving expenses, deposits for hydro or telephone, or buying furniture.

Without this help, Rose says she could never have broken free. “The loan assisted me with the money I so badly needed. It allowed me and my boys to create a new home,” she says.

When Rose repaid her loan, the money was then freed up to help another woman in the same situation.

Today, Rose and her sons still live in the same place.

“We are now living that life of peace we hoped for. This is an accomplishment that I am very proud of.”