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4 Ways to Take Action on Equal Pay Day 2018

NOTE: Check out our Equal Pay Day 2019 actions

Three months and 10 days.
That’s about how much longer women, on average, have worked into 2018 to earn what men earned in 2017. And that’s why the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition is marking Equal Pay Day this year on April 10.
The gender wage gap persists in Canada, meaning that full-time working women earn less than men. For women who are racialized, Indigenous, living with a disability, or newcomers to Canada, the gap gets even wider.

Want to take action on Equal Pay Day? Here are 4 ways to raise awareness and get involved:

 Many of us have heard someone say the gender pay gap is a myth, illegal, or a lie.
We’ve put together a comprehensive collection of myth-busting lists to help you counter misconceptions about the pay gap:


 Attend an Equal Pay Day rally if there is one happening in your community. If you are in Toronto, join us at the Equal Pay Day Rally outside of Queen’s Park.


Learn more about the issue on the Canadian Women’s Foundation blog, and check out the work of the Equal Pay Coalition.


 The wage gap is a contributing factor to some women’s financial instability and reduces long-term earning capacity. Consider donating to the Canadian Women’s Foundation economic development fund to help women move themselves out of poverty and gain financial independence by starting their own businesses, learning a skilled trade, or developing their work skills.