COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

The climate around sexual violence is changing.

As a result of highly publicized movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, more people are coming forward to report sexual violence.

There has been a sizeable increase in demand on Canada’s sexual violence support services (calls to the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre increased 100% in one year alone, and that’s just one of many examples). In some parts of Canada there are limited services or none at all.

The lack of support leaves survivors with few options, and in some cases, on their own to deal with their trauma.

Canadian Women’s Foundation partnered with AFTERMETOO, a national movement to activate change on sexual violence in Canada, to address the increased demand on sexual violence support services across Canada.

We’re also collaborating with AFTERMETOO and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network to address workplace sexual harassment through tools, resources, and training for federally regulated employees and employers — all housed in a one-stop online platform called Rosa. The project, called Roadmap to Future Workplaces, is supported in part by the Government of Canada.

With your help, our goal is to ensure that everyone has the support they need to heal from sexual violence.

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