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As We Are

The As We Are Project empowers girls to think critically about gender stereotypes, challenge sexist media messages, identify their own personal strengths, and find their voice. In workshops, girls created more than 100 unique t-shirts with positive and empowering messages they are proud to wear. We have selected four designs to share with you! 100% of the net proceeds from your t-shirt purchase or donation will help girls in Canada move into confidence and leadership through the Canadian Women’s Foundation Girls’ Fund.

The story behind As We Are

The idea for As We Are began in an elementary school classroom as Lorna Jones’ students were making and designing T-shirts as part of a unit on gratitude. Lorna noticed that, in particular, the girls in her class seemed more confident and empowered after they put on the “grateful” shirts that they had designed themselves. She realized that providing girls with the opportunity to design their own T-shirts and create their own messages could not only help them to feel empowered; it could also provide an important educational opportunity with wide-reaching potential through workshops and social media. Lorna envisioned that the T-shirts designed by girls could help change the broader messages about girls.

With support for the idea from The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, Lorna contacted Beth Malcolm, Girls’ Fund Director at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, who recognized the value and benefits of the initiative, and a partnership was formed. Together, they worked with many dedicated volunteers to get the project up and running. The As We Are project is the result of the efforts of many wonderful people who recognized that a change needs to happen. We thank them for giving up many hours of their personal time and working tirelessly for this cause. But above all, we thank the girls who participated in the workshops, and those who will participate in future workshops. It is the girls who truly demonstrate the courage and the commitment to show the world that their voices need to be heard.


The volunteers and companies who generously gave of their time and/or resources all contributed to the amazing success of the As We Are t-shirt project. Each and every person who was asked, jumped in wholeheartedly to help in so many aspects of the project and we have much to thank them for. We are grateful to everyone involved!

Pilot Workshop Grant:
Kim Abell

Project Advisors:
Beth Malcolm
Elspeth Domville
Jason Sacha
Laura Stenberg
Lorna Jones
Lucia Popa
Marylee Jones
Peggy Moss
Linda Pieterson
Educational Consultants:
Amanda Ferry
Anne Marie Butters
Kim Hollefriend
Robyn Tommasini
Dr. Sue Ball
Timothy Sullivan

Workshop Educators and Artists:
Alex Newbigging
Alice Brydon Taylor
Aneesa Harris
Anna Moss Beebe
Anqi Shen
Arpita Patel
Bessie Anastopoulos
Beth Anderson
Caitlyn Ryall
Christina Carney
Chrystal Lewis
Florence Young
Gloria Samuel
Katy Stenberg-Baine
Khavy Tran
Martha Edgar
Nadia Granata
Rob Hickey
Robyn Stevan Matamoros
Solan Romanko
Teri Cathcart
Teri Eslinger

Project Documentary:
Renato Sorbara
Rob Spence

Workshop and Photography Sites:
Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design|Maxine Schacker
Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
Toronto West Seventh Day Adventist Church
YWCA Toronto Girls Centre
Maverick VFX | Brendan Taylor

T-shirt Design Committee:
Chaendra Gittens
Edie Bergyl
Siobhan Pittman
Tracey Pratt

T-Shirt Suppliers:
Toronto Tees | Joe Taylor
Jordan Holder-Kellar
Kyle Pullin

Graphic Designer:
Better Art Direction and Design | Ananuku Kolar

Caley TaylorPhotography| Caley Taylor

Financial Support:
Apple Canada
Gildan Canada

Campaign Creative Agency:
Havas Worldwide Canada

PSA Production:
Clark Stanley
Jaie Phair
Christina Hodnet (Director)

Advertising Partners:
Rogers Media Inc.
Pattison Onestop

Jessica Taylor