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Announcing the Winner of Michele Landsberg Community Award

Village Bloggurls Group ShotThe Michele Landsberg Community Award recognizes an organization that is doing exceptional work to empower girls and young women to find their voice and raise awareness about women’s and girls’ equality issues in Canada through media. The award is named after Michele Landsberg (award-winning Canadian journalist, author, social activist and feminist), to acknowledge the tremendous impact she has had as an advocate and role model for all women and girls in Canada.

We are delighted to announce Village Bloggurls as the winner of the 2014 Michele Landsberg Community Award. Village Bloggurls is a 4-year leadership, empowerment and media literacy program run by the North York Community House   and funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation in 2012 under the Girls’ Fund. Girls ages 9-13 from Lotherton Village participate in weekly workshops and discussion sessions in order to explore issues that matter to them and to develop leadership and media literacy skills while learning media production methods.

A big congratulations to the incredible girls using media to tell their stories at the Village Bloggurls and to the North York Community House for creating an amazing opportunity for girls to raise their voices about issues that matter to them.

Here is a blog article written by the Village Bloggurls that we hope will introduce you to this incredible program and group of girls:

Everything’s not awesome Lego Movie Review

On Saturday, April 5th, we went to the design exchange and then we went to watch the Lego Movie. Before watching the movie, we heard of the Bechdel Test. This was to test to see if there are two female characters that talk to each other about something other than boys. The movie failed the test and was flushed down the toilet.

There was only two female characters in the movie, they never interacted, and they had cookie cutter personalities. We met our first female character, Wildstyle. She had a great impression on us because she was a super awesome ninja!!!! She could fight better than all the other male characters and had a strong personality… until that one scene, when she went all gaga over Batman. Not only was she portrayed as stereotypically “girly” when she went all fangurilla on her boyfriend, the writers also decided to make Emet fall for Wildstyle just for her looks. He didn’t even know anything about her personality and neither did we. This is shown in the scene when Emet was not listening to anything Wildstyle had said. Instead of words coming out of her mouth, the directors of the movie inserted cheesy, romantic, bad-sounding music, and Emmit was able to tune out her voice.

We felt offended, mad, and annoyed because it was not funny to us. It made Emet seem like the main course while Wildstyle was the left overs. She wasn’t important or interesting anymore. She was just there to make Emet look cooler. The second female character we saw was UNIKITTY!!!!! She represented all the stereotypical little girls on TV. She only liked positive things, pink items, and being nice all the time. She was all in pink, had rainbows painted on her, and had an annoying high voice. She had nothing in common with us.


By ~ Rachel, Peravieena, Affernia, Vanessa, Sophia, Jessica

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  1. […] The Village Bloggurls program at North York Community House is a weekly girls’ leadership and media production/literacy program currently funded through the Canadian Women’s Foundation Girls’ Fund. They were also recipients of our 2014 Landsberg Community Award. […]

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