COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Dave Hibbs


Dave Hibbs is currently a second year Master’s student in the Communication & Culture program at York University. He is conducting research on the communication practices and habits of environmental organizations in Toronto. He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Media, Information, & Technoculture at the University of Western Ontario.

Feminism is Not Against Men

Man looking I've been doing a lot of casual reading about the "Men's Rights Movement". While digesting the problematic rhetoric of several articles and videos associated with the movement, I've become quite disturbed by the ways in which feminism is completely unknown to these male and female authors. In fact, it appears that the men and women who participate in this Men's Rights Movement completely distort the messages, meanings, and goals of feminism in order to set it up as a "straw-man" to be taken down in favour of this alternative movement.



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