COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Emma Vaughn


Emma Vaughn is a freelance writer. But, before she took this new career path she spent much of her career working in business and banking. After becoming disillusioned, she took a sabbatical to raise her children and started working in the voluntary sector. She now pens articles on mental health issues and matters relating to female health.

Fighting Poverty Among Women

Rape Culture Erases Rape Survivors

Woman Rape culture is a frighteningly insidious thing in the way it reinforces harmful ideas about gender, personal boundaries, consent, and sexual assault. Rape culture encourages the belief that lying about rape or sexual assault is more common than it really is, and it promotes the silencing of women about sexual assault by subjecting them to harsh judgments and the implication that women are responsible for their own assaults.  Women who do report their assaults are disbelieved by people they know, by police, by the public, by the media.



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