COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Karen Schulman Dupuis

Karen Schulman Dupuis

Karen Schulman Dupuis is the Manager, Digital Communications at the MaRS Discovery District. She has worked with startups and entrepreneurs for 14 years in ICT, and brings years of practical experience in the fields of Sales, Education, Operations, Business Analysis, Project Management and Marketing Communications together to tell compelling stories and generate results. She is also an instructor at Continuing Education at George Brown College, and an “Ask the Expert” contributor to the YouINCcommunity. In her work, both professionally and in her community, Karen is considered a cultivator of relationships, a community engager & builder, a professional elephant hunter, anintrapreneur and a shift disturber. She is passionate about technology, learning and having an impact.

Don’t Fall: How systems keep on keeping our girls down

Girl with marbles This post originally appeared on the authors blog at This Happened to Me.

I was standing in the hallway of my Catholic elementary school in north Toronto. It was grade 7, and I had the male Principal, the male teacher who taught the other grade 7 class, and my female teacher all standing in front of me, surrounding me and two of my classmates, also girls.

“Why are you doing this?” they all chimed in.

What they weren’t banking on was the kid they had in front of them, and the mother that stood behind me in my mind’s eye.



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