COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins is the Manager of PR and Online Engagement at the Canadian Women's Foundation.

Innovating and Adapting to COVID-19 with WEST of Windsor

A photo of Rose Hurst

When COVID-19 hit, WEST of Windsor knew they had to find a way to quickly adapt to meet the needs of their community. We spoke to their Executive Director, Rose Hurst, about how they’re continuing to train and employ people during this challenging time.  


Using Digital Skills to Deal with COVID-19

A woman types at a laptop

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges and exacerbating many pre-existing inequities. To better understand how communities are working address this new reality, we spoke with Denise Bouchard from Digital Skills, a First-Nation-led education program in Long Lake 58 (LL58), Ontario.


“Indigenous women don’t need a voice. We need more microphones.”

Cree journalist and 2019 Landsberg Award winner Connie Walker

Cree journalist and 2019 Landsberg Award winner Connie Walker pushes Indigenous stories – like Cleo Semaganis Nicotine’s – into the spotlight.


Gun Violence Against Women and Girls is Preventable

Black and white picture of a woman in a tunnel

A lot of factors can turn a violent situation into a lethal one, but the single greatest risk factor for domestic violence becoming fatal isn’t a history of violence, or even prior death threats.

It’s gun ownership.


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