COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Margot Franssen

Margot Franssen

Margot Franssen, Quig Tingley and Betty-Ann Franssen, through their company, The Body Shop Canada, campaigned to Stop Violence Against Women. $1.3 million was raised for prevention and recovery programs, 192,000 hours of community work were performed in women’s shelters at the company’s expense. Awarded ’50 Best Managed Private Companies’, and ‘100 Best Companies to Work For,” they also received the United Nations Grand Award. Margot spoke at the World Conference of Women in Beijing. The company sold in 2004 and Margot devoted herself exclusively to the advancement of women and girls. She serves on the board of Canadian Women’s Foundation, chairs the National Task Force on Sex Trafficking of Canadian Girls and is a Founding Board Member of Women Moving Millions, a visionary philanthropic effort to raise millions for women and girls globally. In 2002, Margot was appointed as Officer of the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian honour.

The Time Is Now to Inquire About Missing and Murdered Women

We want an inquiryI wrote this article in July of 2013 when the Premiers called for a National Inquiry into cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal women and shortly after the Federal Government refused.

Today, the inquiry is as needed as ever. The recent murder of Loretta Saunders – an Inuk woman from Newfoundland and Labrador, who was doing her thesis at Halifax's Saint Mary’s University on missing and murdered aboriginal women – has brought the fight for an inquiry back to the public conversation.


An Unconventional Holiday List

Holiday ImageMade your list yet? Or should I say lists, in plural?

This time of year, I usually have several different to-do lists on the go: presents to buy, groceries for the big family dinner, an invitation list for our annual Boxing Day party, plus holiday supplies (wrapping paper, cinnamon and aspirin).

But my favourite holiday list is my own personal checklist for charitable giving.

Canadians are generous people, but we don't tend to plan our charitable donations.



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