COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Vanessa Abban


Researcher at the Wellesley Institute, an independent non-profit research and policy institute working to advance health equity through community-based research, community engagement, social innovation and policy development. Interested in social justice issues on a national and international level. Follow her on twitter at @vanessaabban

Telling Women to “Just Say No” to Alcohol isn’t the Answer

HandcuffsEmily Yoffe’s Slate article and Margaret Wente’s response in the Globe and Mail have received criticism for what they think is good advice for preventing on-campus rapes: women should stop binge drinking.

Telling a woman to avoid drinking to the point of blacking out seems like sound advice. After all, over-drinking can lead to a number of terrible and tragic consequences not only for the drinker (number one that comes to mind is drunk driving).



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