COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Vera Held

Vera Held

Vera Held (  is a coach, facilitator, speaker, writer, PR consultant and the author of business best-seller “How Not to Take it Personally.”  She writes the “Make it Work” column for The Toronto Sun.

Can men and women be “just” friends?

The age-old question begs: Can men and women be “just” friends?

For me the answer is a resounding “yes.” I’ve had and continue to have several successful platonic relationships with both single and married men.

But success is dependent on a wide variety of variables. This includes putting your cards on the table and showing your heart as John Legend so aptly puts it in his hit song “All Of Me.” 


Pettiness and Cattiness are Dual-Gender Issues

Woman standing in front of a crowdIn a coaching session the other day, a 58-year old second-generation Canadian male blurted out unequivocally that he prefers to work with men because women are petty and catty.   

To be fair, he also stated that at least part of his prejudice stems from his age, from the fact that his wife is a full-time homemaker and he is the sole breadwinner, and that his ethnic origins are highly patriarchal. 


Scream, scratch or snip?

Woman SmilingI have a close friend, Helena, who lives in Sao Paulo. She’s Brazilian.

But that’s not the kind of Brazilian I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the kind that causes women considerable albeit temporary pain, and costs time and money. Yes. That Brazilian, a “Brazilian Wax” designed to give mature women that squeaky clean and bare look reminiscent of a five-year old girl.        

In the photos and demos, the procedure looks fast. Not so.


Women: Be kind and boost each other up!

Girls QuiltMartin Luther King Jr. had a dream. Me too.  It’s that girls and women of all ages and stages believe in themselves and boost one another up at every opportunity.

I was telling a story last week to a friend as we walked the track, and she told me not once but twice in a derogatory fashion that I had a strong personality. I quickly told her that my personality strong or otherwise had nothing to do with the story outcome and changed topics.



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