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Campaign Roundup: Violence Prevention

NewspapersViolence prevention is the theme of this week’s Campaign to End Violence roundup.

Violence against women is prevalent in both physical and virtual spaces. And although online violence may be less tangible, it isn’t any less real.

In his article sexist, misogynist and pro-rape language is ruining the internet, Brian Cauley argues that how we act online has implications that extend far beyond the web. Likewise, our Director of Violence Prevention, Anuradha Dugal, says our online world reflects real life inequalities.

Stephanie, Christopher and Rose’s stories illustrate the real life consequences of violence.

So how can we stop violence before it starts?

Have a look at how we can make virtual spaces safer for women and girls, take our quiz to assess the health of your relationship and check out our poster to learn about the 5 aspects of a healthy relationship. If you are living with violence or know someone who is, you are not alone.

Have you heard the saying “prevention is better than a cure”? In this case, prevention IS the cure.

This is why our Campaign to End Violence invests in violence prevention programs across Canada. With your support, we can stop the violence – for good.

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