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Daydreamers and Wonder Women

White FlowersGrasping hold of an idea or a fleeting image is like capturing a shadow.  You can just see it in your mind and then it is gone.  Expressing that inner experience or thought is what keeps me at my art table. I keep lots of notes about stuff and sometimes those notes turn into an art piece. 

The "Stormy" girl is really my niece Tamara, with beautiful black hair, who is training to become a police officer. When I showed her my finished collage,  she said,  "I LOVE IT!!!!  She reminds me of a Super Hero,  ( Wonder Woman Type ) with REAL LIFE problems on one side of the door, and a peaceful happiness inside the door.Or, the internal fears we all face everyday. It reminds me fully of the job of a police officer, each day you walk out unknowing of what's to come. But, I bet it's open to so many, to connect with in their life on a personal level." 

So, for me, Collage Art has been an amazing process that allowed me to express The Storms in life, and how they require a Heads Up.  Turbulent weather requires our attention and usually begins with warning clouds that turn dark sometimes. They make shadow changes in the light and then when the energy spills over into a situation, you can get thunder and lightening!  

Storm collage

When I started cutting out paper images and gluing them down, I realized (with delight), how my ideas began to take form with time and effort.  All the bits and pieces started out in magazines, books or print and somehow made their way into a new place – on my paper!  

"Daydreamer"  is another collage about a woman, who is getting ready to paint her living room. She would rather be outdoors and away.  Her imagination wants to take her flying off to new places!  The living room settings I've used are home to us.  We look out from our habitat ( or mind ) where we live everyday, to the outside world.  

Daydreamer collage

Meanwhile, I have piles of paper everywhere in my studio and I am starting work on some new ideas that involve luggage. Why don't we pack light for our journey and keep life simple?  How that will translate onto the paper, I have no idea.  I just want to try and see what happens.   

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