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Encounters with Art and Life

White FlowersThe best time for me to attack contemplation and painting is in the morning. When I am waking up i think about life, visual ideas and design. Even though my paintings are whimsical and imaginative, I want the viewer to be drawn into the expressive metaphor or idea. Hopefully, my art will touch the heart or make a connection. 

So, for me, painting has been an opportunity to speak.  The challenge of deciding where to put the paint, is driven by the need to send the pictures i see, out there. It is a wonderful and amazing process of discovery, that I love.

My first painting in this series about life, occurred when my youngest daughter grew up and moved away. It is called " Standing On Your Own Two Feet ". Call it empty nest or whatever, it is hard to let them go out there into the wild blue yonder. So, I painted the feet in red shoes… standing in the hall. All grown up. 

My granddaughter Hailey would come down to the Farmers Market to help out on Saturdays. I watched her and could see the inner beauty of a young woman emerging. So, I painted her in " The Fan ". I wanted to tell to her,  Have confidence, put that beauty out into the world. Be thoughtful about what you say and consider the future.

I love to ride my bike. It is one of those tall handle bars models, so I don't have to bend over. When I am out there riding through the neighborhood, I don't feel older and so I decided that I would celebrate that and paint  " Riding over Time ". She, with greying hair,  is paying no attention to the ticking clocks in the earth below. They know what is going to happen, but better for us to be out in the sun and sky, living in the moment, than to hear the ticking too loud in our ears. Also, my knees are not sore when I ride my bike everyday. 

Lately, I have thought about beauty and since mine is changing so much ( getting older, you know ) I have explored the idea of women as objects. So, I painted " The Wallflower ". Haven't we all felt part of the wallpaper in our lives? Does anyone out there hear us or know us? 

I will keep painting pictures and reflecting experiences. I have a Storm Lady in mind at the moment. She exists as a pencil sketch on paper, unaware that a storm outside her window is brewing….I am working on the problem of clouds, weather and thunder. I know it will come together.

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