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Everyone has a reason to Move for Hope

Move for Hope Toronto 2014On May 30, Barb, Son, Lisa and Jody, four participants from this year’s Move for Hope event, will join hundreds of other Canadians from across the country on the same day, at the same hour and for the same mission: to raise hope for women and children living with violence and to support community organizations helping women rebuild their lives after abuse.
While they all come with different connections to the cause, from different cities, and different backgrounds, they are all connected to the issue. In fact, we all are.

Canadians pay $7.4 billion each year to deal with the aftermath of spousal violence and 67% of Canadians know a woman who has been physically or sexually abused. Chances are, you know someone too.
Everyone has a reason to Move for Hope. Here are four of them:
BarbBarb, Vancouver
Reason to Move: So that all women have access to support like her sister did
Barb, a 4th year participant from Vancouver, signed up for Move for Hope because of her sister who sought safely in an emergency shelter with her son after leaving an abusive relationship. “When she finally had the courage to leave her husband, there was a safe house for her and her son within her community. [My sister] and her son received amazing empathetic and caring support and they helped her get on her feet…Participating in Move for Hope is a way for me to ensure that other women have access to the same standard of care and support.”
SonSon, Vancouver
Reason to Move: For his daughter to grow up in a world where she’s safe
For Son, the reason is his young daughter. “I grew up in a family where my mom experienced abuse, and as a child witnessing this made me feel afraid, angry and helpless,” he says. Today, Son has used this childhood experience as motivation to raise hope for the next generation of women. “I want to know that when my daughter grows up and goes out into the world on her own, she’ll be safe. Participating in this movement will help spread the lessons that I’m passing on to my daughter, to other little girls and boys as well.”
Lisa and Scotiabank Move for Hope teamLisa, Halifax
Reason to Move: To make a difference with her coworkers
For Lisa, what started as a corporate assignment 4 years ago to represent her company, Scotiabank, at Move for Hope turned into something more meaningful. Since then, Lisa’s team has nearly tripled and she has assembled a group of committed colleagues who want to make a difference. “We can all relate to the importance of empowering women and building self-esteem at a young age. You can feel the camaraderie and the excitement of the teams. It is an event that I myself am very proud to be a part of.”
JodyJody, Calgary
Reason to Move: To have a great time while supporting families and creating change in her community
Jody looks forward to Move for Hope every year. “It’s one my favourite charity events of the year. It’s a really fun event, for an important cause, put on by an organization that I fully believe in.” Jody supports the Foundation’s approach of investing in both shelters and violence prevention programs. “This way we are helping not only the individual women but the impact also extends to entire families and communities."
Take action to end violence against women in Canada – register for Move for Hope today! 

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