COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Elizabeth Fry Society Kamloops and District

Women’s Employment and Empowerment Program The purpose of this initiative is to create a food-based social enterprise for women facing barriers to employment in the Kamploops and District area. At this early stage of investment readiness, Elizabeth Fry plans to conduct a social enterprise feasibility study and business development planning. This planning process will identify […]


Abby & Vancity Community Foundation

Abby Ride Hailing Abby plans to pilot and test a ride hailing service for women and acknowledges that women currently occupy a mere fraction of the taxi-driving workforce, and it honours women’s deservedness of flexible work while they balance other obligations and commitments. Abby’s Ride Hailing program plans to elevate the credentials of drivers by […]


Up Standers Against Violence Program

Surpassing Our Survival (S.O.S.) Society Sexual Violence and Prevention and Counselling Services, Prince George Up Standers Against Violence is a school-based program that focuses on girls, sexual violence, bullying, and healthy relationships. The program empowers young women with the skills to reduce their risk of violence, as well as to develop leadership experience. While the […]


The ?a?jim Program

Tla’Amin Health, Powell River ?a?jim (Young Women) is a violence-prevention program that engages teens who identify as girls, aiming to strengthen their sense of identity, purpose, and confidence. It also raises awareness of violence against First Nations women, and brings communities together to take a stand. Through weekly meetings, participants focus on topics including: traditional […]


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