COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Girls without Barriers

DisAbled Women’s Network DAWN                                                     Montreal, Quebec Girls without Barriers project aims to encourage girl-serving organizations to examine and address the underlying causes and consequences of ableism/audism and their intersection with other systems of oppression from intersectional, feminist and cross-disability lenses. A key project activity in this phase will be to conduct focus groups and empirical story-based […]


Women’s Shelters Canada

Shelter Savers Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC) aims to leverage the collective buying power represented by the $120 million in spending by shelters through Shelter Savers – a group-buying program that benefits 500+ individual women’s shelters across Canada – to help secure deeper discounts for individual shelters, and provide undesignated dollars to support the work of […]


Informed Opinions

Agency – The Informed Opinions Training Centre Informed Opinions (IO) aims to amplify women’s voices to achieve gender balance in media by 2025. IO makes it easier for journalists to find female sources and deliver strategic communications and media engagement workshops that support women in speaking up. Canadian news media chronically underrepresented women’s voices and […]


Shelter Movers

Social Purpose Storage Facility Shelter Movers intends to purchase and operate a retail storage facility, whose purpose will be to a) generate revenue for Shelter Movers’ work and mission through retail storage rentals, b) provide skills development and meaningful employment opportunities for women survivors of abuse, and c) provide free storage space for use by […]


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