COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

SARAH: The Basics of Healthy Relationships

Sexplique Québec, QC This program equips young people with violence-prevention tools and strategies just as they’re beginning to start dating and forming romantic relationships. Through interactive workshops, participants explore: thinking critically about social media, body image, self-esteem and values, love vs. friendship, socio-cultural identity, healthy communication, consent and sexuality. Workshop themes and discussions are guided […]


Respect Without Borders

Bureau de la Communauté Haïtienne de Montréal Montreal, Quebec The Bureau de la Communauté Haïtienne de Montréal will continue its school programming with a new focus on raising awareness about cyber violence, hypersexualization, and to promote respect for diversity. With the support of facilitators, participants will launch their own awareness campaigns, using social media platforms […]


Le Centre filles mobile 

YWCA Québec                                                                                  Québec City, Quebec   The Mobile Girls Centre enables participants to develop leadership skills and empowers them to take action. The project is for and by the participants, so each group will collaboratively decide on goals, projects, and themes. Through these activities, the participants will explore their identities, develop confidence, leadership, self-confidence, critical thinking, and sense of belonging. These activities will have […]


Nous aussi, on peut le faire  

L’Oasis des enfants de Rosemont                                                      Montréal, QC  Through discussions and activities, this program will help participants build a strong sense of community and confidence, as well as strengthening their own potential to face challenges and achieve their goals.


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