COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

TechGyrls, TechGyrls 2.0, STEAM Pilot, and STEM Mentoring

YWCA Cambridge, Cambridge, Ontario TechGyrls is a girl-led, hands-on, exploratory, and experiential STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program that is designed to foster an enduring interest in STEM. It opens girls’ eyes to the opportunities available to them in the STEM fields. The goals of the mentoring program are to increase girls’ and mentors’ […]


The Girls’ Mentoring Program

Sarnia Lambton Rebound, Sarnia, Ontario This mentoring program matches girls aged 9 to 13 with adult mentors, creating relationships that foster positive life skills. The program aims to reach girls living in rural county areas, as well as immigrants and newcomers. In three-hour sessions held every other week, the girls learn to find their voices, […]


The Bloggurls

North York Community House, Toronto, Ontario The Bloggurls mentoring program builds on the success of the Village Bloggurls Program, a weekly girls’ leadership and media literacy/media production program in Lotherton Village and Westminster-Branson. The core program provides girls in two communities with creative opportunities to address issues including systemic violence, representation of women in the […]


Divas Young Women’s Media Group

Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre, Toronto, Ontario The Divas Media Group increases girls’ media literacy by exploring representations of femininity, the gender binary, and the limitations of gender stereotypes. In weekly meetings, participants discuss feminism, sexism and other social justice issues, and create radio and TV productions that are aired in the local […]


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