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Girls No More

White flowersI decided last week to make a collage art piece that could speak about girls who have been victims of violence – sexual or otherwise. The result is "Girls – No More" (14" X 16" mixed media).

The Black Car is the central point of interest. The ominous windows are obscured. The inferno at the bottom represents secrets buried and the violence that girls and women have experienced. Smoke vapour and dust clouds reflect how quickly "everything we are" can change or disappear. Truth tumbles from the woman's hand as it reaches out from the cloud behind the car. 

The "shhhing" lips that say, "no more secrets!" and are now an urgent appeal "to tell".

When girls and women are dealt aggression, something beautiful is stolen from them and they have to try to get it back. This message is embedded into the grille of the car as it heads straight for us.

Feelings of safety and love, hope and and the power of self-realization are all at risk after violence takes place. No matter how small or devastating the event may be – you have to talk about it. Find someone to trust who can listen and go to and expert who understands your experience. It's not your fault – ever. Dignity and happiness are your right. Moving forward you must understand how this could possibly happen to you and to others. Families need the most tender care and consideration when tragedies occur. 

For me, art is a way to try to articulate feelings and experiences – to somehow make them incorruptible. I hope that my collage represents a deep respect for life and love. 

Michele Ellison - Girls No More 2015 (c)

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