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Host an Event and Support a Great Cause

People love hosting events, from BBQs to dinner parties to theme based events like sports tournaments. Hosting an event is fun (especially for those born-to-be planners) and a great way to connect with your family, friends and work colleagues. So here’s an idea: why not host an event and support a great cause!

You can host a fundraising event and still enjoy those great moments with your loved ones.For years, individuals and groups have been hosting events and raising funds for the Canadian Women’s Foundation to transform the lives of women and girls in Canada. And the Foundation provides you with everything you’ll need, except for that great event idea.

So for some inspiration, here are 8 great fundraising event ideas:

  1. Host a Dinner Party and instead of your guests bringing a hostess gift, why not ask them to make a donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
  2. Host a Clothing Swap. This is one of my favourites, because not only will you raise funds for a great cause but you can also rejuvenate your wardrobe at no cost. All you need to do is invite friends and ask them to bring a bag of previously loved clothing/accessories and ask them to donate the money saved from their clothing budget to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
  3. Host a “Skills” Silent Auction. Do you know a friend who’s an incredible knitter or maybe your friend bakes out-of-this-world cupcakes. Have your friends and family donate their skills to a silent auction and watch the bidding go through the roof!
  4. Host an “Education” Event. Invite your guests to a night where they can learn about the facts around violence, poverty and the sexualization of women and girls in Canada. If they want to make changes to those facts, ask them to make a donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
  5. Celebrate a Special Occasion like your birthday, wedding anniversary or a day on the calendar like International Women’s Day. Ask your guests to make a donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation instead of buying gifts.
  6. Host a Garage Sale. When the summer comes around, you may want to clear out what you aren’t using. Host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
  7. Host a Sporting Event. Organize a day of sporting, sell tickets to the attendees and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. It’s easier than you think!
  8. Host a “Don’t Come” Event. This is a clever one. Invite friends and family to a spectacular event with fantastic food, amazing talent and a celebrity guest of honour; since this event will never happen, go BIG. Make the date as “never” and include a description on the invite asking guests to make a donation online in “honour” of your event.

There are many other ideas, like hosting a Bake Sale or a Casual Day at work or a Yoga Fundraiser. Just remember to plan for your event so it goes as smoothly as possible. Depending on your event idea, you need to figure out the location, number of guests, etc. Set realistic goals for yourself and identify possible sources of revenue like ticket sales and sponsorships. Estimate your expenses and keep your costs under control. For more tips on how to plan a fundraising event click here.

If you have a great idea, please share it with us in the comments section below.

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