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Interview with the Grand Prize Winners of Girls Voice Video Contest

Participant PhotosThe Canadian Women’s Foundation recently held a video competition open to girls ages 9 to 13.  There were 4 different themes that the videos could be based on, and the Denman girls chose confidence, and titled their video “Speak Out, Write Out, Laugh Out”.  The following is an interview that took place with the 4 girls after they found out they won the competition.

1. How did you decide which theme to pick?

We had the most ideas about the confidence theme.  It’s important that people know that confidence plays an important role in life.

2. You are all very different people.  What was it like working in a group together and how did you decide what was going to be in the video?

We each had our own ideas and we put them all in the video.  For example one of us was comfortable speaking, one of us was comfortable doing art, and all the ideas came together.

3. What was the easiest part in making the video?  The most difficult?

Easiest part was eating the snacks!  The stop motion we did was really fun.  The brainstorming and painting the mural were all easy.  When we had the vision all laid out and then all we had left to do was paint – that was easy!

Most difficult: Focusing and not laughing!  How to make all of our ideas come together into one wave!  It was challenging to agree.  In the end we decided to each do our own segment (some wanted to talk, some didn’t).

4. How did you choose the song?

We talked about and listened to a lot of different music.  The song we ended up picking was the first one that came to me.

5. How did it feel to win?

Felt really surprising to win!  When we hadn’t heard by the deadline, we thought we had lost.  Felt really inspiring and encouraging because we thought we would never win and we did!  Even though you don’t think you can do something, you never know!  It felt good because we did something that is going to make a difference in the world.

6. Do you have anything else to say to young girls and women across the country?

Stay confident!  Be yourself because everyone else is taken!  Don’t worry, be happy – BUT sometimes it’s good to worry a bit because you get things done!

~ Interview by Lanna & Matta

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