COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Keeping Your Head Above Water

Purple flowerThe Woman in Red is stretched tall and thin. It is more of an expression of her being, than a body type. She is in the fishbowl on display to the world and keeping her head above water.  All the issues of life are at her feet and her head is clear of the waves.

I wanted to speak about the pressures and opinions that we face every day – in a visual way. In the transparent water of my collage is the floating city where she works, her home and the school where she sends her children.  Everyone can see her vulnerabilities.

When I look at the results of my ideas on paper, I see myself and hope to engage with other women.  How do you feel about your life? 

Many times we feel overwhelmed and need help with all we do. Growing stronger and smarter over time can bring better outcomes. Nothing happens overnight, but when we focus on goals, we can make changes in outcomes. Empowerment and equity are hard won and to be treasured.

Let’s keep reaching out and helping each other! Stay engaged with friends and family – with women of all ages. Ask them how they made it through.  Gathered thought is what we've got, so bring your fishbowl and let’s rule the waves!

King Your Head Above Water by Michele Ellison

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