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Must Reads for the Week of January 17

NewsThis week, we learn that while some women are breaking box office records, the news overall for women in Hollywood is not as positive.

We find out the "rules" for raising your daughter in an era of princesses and applaud the efforts of one advocacy group to have Apple remove a game that not only body-shamed little girls, but also promoted the concept that the only thing that matters for women is beauty.

While a petition has been created to remove sexy infant merchandise from store shelves, Beyonce's bold statement that women and men are not equal and a male celebrities statement of considering himself a feminist makes headlines around the world

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  1. Jennifer Lawrence has been all over the news lately for her strong feminist statements around body-shaming. But what about her roles? A great article that looks at how her character, Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games broke every gender rule and box office records.
  2. While one movie with a strong female lead is breaking records, the news is not as positive for behind the scenes in Hollywood. The amount of women working in films has decreased over the last few years.
  3. We love this list of "rules" about raising your daughter in the era of princesses.
  4. Twitter backlash caused Apple to pull a plastic surgery Barbie game from thier online store. Our question is why was this even allowed to be sold in the first place.
  5. We love this video that highlights the bombardement of messaging that young girls face every day to conform to society's beauty standards.
  6. Beyonce is making headlines again, this time for her statement that men and women are NOT equal and that the only way to fix gender inequality is for everyone – men and women – to take action.
  7. A recent study shows that up to 2/3 of female journalists have been harassed or threatened while doing thier job.
  8. The CBC recently had a great piece about how minimum wage in Canada is not a living wage, including one woman's story of how she is struggling to make ends meet.
  9. An online petition has been created asking Target to remove "sexy" pacifiers from thier store shelves. Take a moment to sign and share your outrage at the objectification of infant girls.
  10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt spoke out this week on Ellen about why he considers himself a feminist. 

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