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Must Reads for the Week of July 25

This week we learned that while female fans at comic conventions are growing in numbers, there is also a growing harassment problem that needs greater attention. We also learned about a brilliant project  – Cards Against Harassment – which raises awareness about street harassment.

A study reveals the struggles faced by women and people of colour to succeed in corporate America, another study reveals that US lags Europe in women in technology leadership while an article debunks 4 myths about why women shouldn’t pursue non-traditional employment.

Social media can be a great place to share information. Like a Toronto woman who revealed on Twitter a conversation at lunch between IBM’s executives discussing why they don't hire more women. Yet social media can also be used to reinforce sexism and misogyny like in the case of #sexspreadsheets that have gone viral.

Lastly, a feminist collective with the aim to shift rape culture to consent culture released a satirical infographic in response to victim blaming ‘safety tips’ issued by the police.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. In response to a list of 'safety tips' issued by the Ottawa police that sounds all too familiar and reinforces victim blaming, a Toronto-based feminist collective working to end rape culture, created this infographic of Top 9 Ways to Not Get Raped.
  2. 4 Myths that keep women away from non-traditional employment are debunked by this author.
  3. Introducing Cards Against Harassment. A project one woman started to confront catcallers while filming their reactions.
  4. A woman live tweeted IBM executives discussing ‘why they don’t hire women’.
  5. With the ever-growing number of female fans at comic conventions, this study reveals a big problem: alarming rates of female comic fans experiencing harassment.
  6. A study in corporate America on the glass ceiling reveals a shocking finding about women and people of colour.
  7. Have you heard about sex spreadsheets going viral? Here’s an explanation to 'when women owe it to anyone to have sex', followed by a brilliant infographic response.
  8. Silicon Valley Bank’s 5th annual Innovation Economy Outlook survey reveals that US lags Europe in women in technology leadership.

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