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Must Reads for the Week of October 3rd

Newspaper stackThis week we read a great article explaining what ‘privilege’ means and how we can challenge oppressive systems.With so much pop feminism in the news today, read a Globe and Mail article on why we need fewer celebrity feminists. Then read another article arguing that celebrities using their cultural power and voice is good for feminism.

There are less women in the tech world because of its culture, as one article discusses while a female boss asks her readers to help her solve her problem with managing a chauvinist.

Feel proud when you read about some of the women who conquered the comic book world and lady video bloggers making the internet a better place. Then let out a disappointed sigh for Jeopardy’s sexist category, an app that fails to understand consent and a new show that uses violence in art, irresponsibly.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. You have probably heard ‘privilege’ being used in social justice arguments. But what does Privilege actually mean? Here’s a great guide to privilege 101.
  2. Read why Denise Balkissoon of the Globe and Mail thinks the world needs fewer celebrity feminists, and more ordinary ones.
  3. Read about why celebrities speaking up about feminism can be a good thing.
  4. A great read on how it’s the tech world’s culture that pushes women to leave tech. Not because math is hard!
  5. Can a female boss successfully manage a chauvinist? This author is asking you for help to solve her ongoing issue – When Women Manage Men Who Don’t Respect Women.
  6. Learn about the incredible women who conquered the comic book world.
  7. Love reading blogs and commenting online. Hate online misogyny? Here are 8 lady video bloggers who make the internet a better place.
  8. Jeopardy is my favorite show (nerd alert!). But Jeopardy’s ‘What Women Want’ category was simply sexist and an insult to its female audience.
  9. If you’ve heard of the Good2Go app that helps establish consent before a sexual encounter, you should read why the app is problematic and makes consent seem like a black & white, unrescindable thing.
  10. The new CBS show ‘Stalker’ uses violence "so exploitatively that Quentin Tarantino might feel a bit uncomfortable", says Lauren Duca. Read her argument as to why the show hates women. And if you want to send CBS your feedback, follow this link.

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