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Must Reads for the Week of April 25

Newspaper This week we learned that girls are overwhelmingly receiving messages that force them to fit into a narrow view of what it means to be a girl, especially after reading about the dress codes at some U.S. schools that are policing youth’s gender expression.

Yet, we also are witnessing an increase in girls’ activism, like how a girl challenged McDonald’s toy distribution policy while 30 photos challenging such stereotypes put a big smile on our faces.

Women’s lack of self-confidence has been increasingly linked to why women’s inequality exists. So a great article challenges this by explaining the role of systems in reinforcing sexism and social inequalities.

Numerous examples of victim-blaming are present, like the NYPD officer who is testifying against a woman he assaulted or a new study that reports the normalization of sexual violence for young women. 

Women leaders face many difficulties, which is demonstrated by the new charges made against Hillary Clinton. But we take inspiration to speak up and break the silence from the late great Audre Lorde.

If you have an article or story that you think we missed, share it in the comment section.

  1. Here are 5 recent shocking examples of schools attempting to police kids’ gender expression. Why are students forced to fit into a narrowly defined view of what it means to be a boy or a girl.
  2. Antonia Ayres-Brown challenged McDonald’s toy distribution policy for sex-based discrimination.
  3. Instead of telling women to change their personalities, we need to challenge the entire system that breads gender inequality. Here is a list of ways we can help women that don’t include telling them just to hold their head up high.
  4. Here are 30 photos that challenge the harmful stereotypes toy companies sell you.
  5. Great article on what role should Twitter play as the feminist movement continues to grow.
  6. Amongst the numerous movies that show the blatant, male gaze-y glorification of sexual assault comes “Divergent”. Read how rewriting the script on sexual assault can give power back to girls.
  7. A new study finds that young women view objectification, sexual harassment, and abuse as normal.
  8. An NYPD officer testifies against a woman he assaulted during the Occupy Wall Street protests.
  9. People are seriously asking if Hillary Clinton can be a president and a grandmother.
  10. Taking inspiration from the late great Audre Lorde, a writer explains why we must speak out.

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