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Must Reads for the Week of August 29

Newspaper stack It’s almost back to school and time for frosh week – and the University of Western Ontario’s newspaper is apologizing for a terribly offensive frosh week issue.

We learned this week about a nail polish that detects date rape drugs – as we sighed and shook our heads. Then one writer responded with 11 suggestions that may actually help end rape.

Everyone is commenting on Beyonce’s feminist VMA performance. So Jessica Valenti responded as to why she thinks Beyonce’s feminist act can lead the way for other women.

Learn why women don’t apply for jobs unless they’re 100% qualified and about a new certification that gives companies that promote gender equality a stamp of approval.  

Online harassment of female writers is real. Read why this is so. And internalized misogyny is dangerous. Find out why.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. Companies that promote gender equality now can get a stamp of approval from EDGE certification.
  2. In honour of the American Women’s Equality Day, here are 8 things women couldn’t do in 1971 and 6 things they still can’t do.
  3. Read about why female writers face disproportionate negativity online.
  4. Here’s a better perspective on why women’s don’t apply for jobs unless they’re 100% qualified.
  5. Everyone is talking about Beyonce’s flawless VMA performance. Here’s why her feminist act can lead the way for other women.
  6. Good read on problems women face who have larger chests, “Do My Boobs Make Me Look Slutty?”
  7. Read about internalized misogyny and why its dangerous.
  8. If we gave men the same rape advice we give women, here’s how absurd it would sound.
  9. In response to the nail polish that is to help end rape, here’s are 11 suggestions that may actually solve this problem.
  10. Western University newspaper apologize after publishing an offensive frosh week issue that encouraged sexual harassment, drug use and excessive drinking.

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