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Must Reads for the Week of December 12

This week, with the end of the 16 days of action to end violence against women, we are proud to learn that Winnipeg is setting an important example by becoming the first Canadian city to sign onto the UN campaign to reduce violence against women.

The Toronto-based grassroots feminist collective, Feministo, further encourages Canadian media to be supportive of survivors by making available an essential toolkit for media when reporting on sexual assault.

Jean Kilbourne's video explaining the impact of media on women's perception of themselves goes viral, while feminists come together to boycott Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Virginia college students/staff stand behind victims of sexual assault and Wonder Woman makes her debut yet only as a side-kick!

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  1. Washington D.C.’s Metro Transit Authority displays a sexist ad for its redevelopment initiative. In response, commuters spread the ad on Twitter and add their own spin.
  2. Winnipeg becomes the first Canadian city to signs onto UN campaign to reduce violence against women, joining more than 15 other cities around the world like New Delhi and Cairo.
  3. Here is a five minute video of Jean Kilbourne explaining how media changes images of models and celebrities, telling women what’s most important is how they look.
  4. Beauty Redefined makes a compelling case about Victoria’s Secret War on Women and why we should join the fight to take back beauty in all its forms.
  5. Feministo, a Toronto-based grassroots feminist collective, releases an important resource – a toolkit for Canadian media reporting on sexual assault – to provide media with knowledge and resources to contribute to public discourse on rape and sexual assault that is supportive of survivors.
  6. The Everyday Sexism Project shares some great comebacks to sexist comments.
  7. In response to Wonder Woman’s screen debut, but only as a sidekick to Superman, Kathryn Funkhouser explains why people would pay to see a female superhero film.
  8. In case you haven’t watched Beth Malcolm’s interview, “Media: The Other Parent”, here it is.
  9. A Virginia college sends heartwarming notes to support victims of sexual assault, specifically in reaction to a W&M athlete who had recently lost her rape case.
  10. Mira Sorvino gets a tour of Sway Pak, a community in Cambodia that is known for sex trafficking of children.

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