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Must Reads for the Week of December 6

Must Reads

On Dec 6 each year, we remember the 14 women who lost their lives in the Montreal Massacre 24 years ago today for the sole reason that they were women. And we recommit to raising awareness and supporting programs that will end violence against women.

The issue of Photoshop and peoples unrealistic expectations of women's bodies made the news, along with a recent survey out of the UK that shows that sexism is a daily reality for young girls today.

Childcare and the different costs for different provinces and cities has been hotly debated,with many articles being written about the impact this is having on women's lives.

And a group of young men are turning sexist lyrics on their heads, re-writing them instead focus on healthy and positive relationships.

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  1. Friday, December 6 is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, where we remember the 14 women who lost their lives 24 years ago in Montreal.
    On December 6, educate yourself about the issue of violence against women. This is a great overview of some of the numbers and stats that exist. YWCA Toronto posted a powerful blog post about the 12 women that were murdered in 2013 (to-date) by their partners and about one women who they helped land back on her feet.
    On the same note, the family and friends of Maryse Laganière who was murdered on Dec 6 in Montreal wrote an article about how despite the tragedy, we haven't changed our gun control laws to avoid another tragedy in the future.
  2. With the year coming to a close, The Representation Project has a powerful video about how the media failed women in 2014.
  3. Despite all the recent media about Photoshop and airbrushing, a recent survey highlights that we still have a long way to go as many don't understand the amount of editing done to women in advertising.
  4. Sexual assault and street harassment have been in the news recently, with many advocating for speaking up and standing up to harassers. This spoken word poetry about a man speaking up is powerful!
  5. The cost of childcare has been a hotly debated topic across Canada lately, with many provinces stepping up to fund childcare strategies and others still falling behind. Today's Parent has a great post about the crisis in Ontario and the effects it is having on parents.
  6. Police in the UK are under fire for their recent campaign that teaches women how not to get raped. Talk about victim blaming.
  7. A recent study from GirlGuidingUK reveals that sexism is a part of every young girls life. While this is a UK study, the results and comments are extremely relevant in Canada too.
  8. A young feminist wrote a post about how moving from London to Kansas impacted her view of women's issues and how she is working to educate her new classmates.
  9. A great post about how issues affecting women have a different effect on mothers.
  10. A group of young men have re-written sexist rap lyrics to be more respectful to women and it is amazing!


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