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Must Reads for the Week of February 14

Happy Valentines or Galentines Day, depending on which, if either, you choose to celebrate.

This week, Getty Images released a collection of stock photographs of women that aim to change stock photography of women and the former child model for LEGO spoke up about her thoughts around thier current marketing campaign.

The Wall Street Journal continues to victim blaim women for sexual assaults. Perhaps the writers need to check out this helpful blog with tips on what NOT to do when writing about rape.

But our final article will leave you smiling from ear to ear with the belief that thanks to the work of so many women and men across Canada and internationally, we are making strides in raising strong, confident and bold girls.

  1. A new book "Dear Sister" collects letters from survivors of abuse.
  2. Getty Images and Lean In collaborated together to release a selection of stock photography that isn't women laughing alone with salad or career women staring angrily at the camera, but real life women in real life settings.
  3. The little girl from the 1981 iconic LEGO ad is all grown up. And isn't thrilled with how LEGO is marketing to kids today.
  4. The Wall Street Journal is under fire again for publishing a victim-blaming piece about how women wouldn't be sexually assaulted if they weren't drunk. While victim blaming is not new for WSJ, the new claim that women are just as guilty as their rapists is a new low.
  5. And Whoopi Goldberg decided to chime in and offer her victim blaming comments by encouraging the idea that girls who drink are responsible for thier sexual assaults.
  6. The Huffington Post had a great article about the most influential women in media.
  7. A great video will leave you with no doubt that Everyday Sexism really does exist.
  8. This father's words to his daugher, while in the makeup aisle, will make you smile.
  9. Shakesville has a insightful primer on what to consider for journalists before they start to write a story about sexual assault or rape.
  10. And finally, this little girl's feelings about how others think of her is how we hope every woman and girl will feel about themselves.

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