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Must Reads for the Week of February 21

So far this year, we have seen positive momentum building in the women’s movement especially when we proudly watched the GoldiBlox Super Bowl ad, see the strengthening of the anti-rape movement in universities and colleges, while having healthy debates about the failings of the feminist movement in representing transgendered women. 

Yet we find ourselves moving back decades, when hearing about Tennessee’s new rape law that protects the rapist or the failure of educators in helping sexual assault victims at an elite evangelical school, or learn from Google that parents expect their sons to be geniuses and daughters to be thin and beautiful.

Hope returns however when four women watch themselves photoshoped into cover models and share their discomfort with the experience while read about ways men can put a stop to street harassment.

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  1. Men need to start standing up to their peers about harassment.
  2. Google Analytics reveals parents’ gender biased concerns – “Is my son a genius” and “Is my daughter fat”?
  3. Here are three reasons why more female leaders will improve performance of both the private and public sector organizations.
  4. The toy company GoldiBlox that makes construction and engineering kits for little Girls, makes history with its Super Bowl Ad.
  5. Regular women watch themselves get photoshopped into cover models and share their experience.
  6. The anti-rape movement in American colleges is gaining momentum and this is just the beginning.
  7. It’s time to end the long history of feminism failing transgender women.
  8. If it happens online, did it really happen? Online vs. Offline harassment: Are there blurred lines?
  9. Tennessee has introduced a new rape law that protects the rapist, but not the victim. Way to go on victim blaming.
  10. “If you were telling the truth about this, God would have kept you conscious to bear witness to the abuse against You.” Sexual assault victims’ struggles at an evangelical school

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