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Must Reads for the Week of February 28!

NewsThis week, Cover Girl released a new ad that encourage girls to dream big and never take "You can't do that" for an answer, while Google came under fire for not having gender or racial equality in thier doodles.

A journalist accused women who didn't report thier rape of being responsible for future rapes and Gloria Steinem spoke out about why the feminist revolution is far from over.

And with the recent murder of Loretta Saunders, the public is once again talking about how crucial it is that the federal government launch a national inquiry on missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

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  1. Cover Girl's new ad reminds Girls that they CAN. The ad features strong women P!nk, Queen Latifah, Ellen Degeneres and others encouraging girls to stand up for themselves.
  2. We are thrilled to see child sex tourism targeted with Air Canada in-flight videos.

  3. 23 Inspiring Feminist Digital Campaigns That Changed the World.

  4. Adidas was selling incredibly sexualized t-shirts to promote the World Cup. Thanks to outrage, they have since pulled them.

  5. Loretta Saunders disappearance and her tragic murder has re-opened the coversation about the need for a national inquiry. Her advisor's reaction to the murder will break your heart.

  6. A recent study shows that Google Doodles are not very balanced. Google is aware of the issue and is promising to work on it.

  7. The inspirational Gloria Steinem on why the feminist revolution is not over.

  8. "You Owe It To Other Women:" Why You DON'T Owe It To Anyone Else To Report Your Rape

  9. We love this letter to girls who like blue shoes.

  10. Barbie in Sports Illustrated? Time to challenge gender marketing to children. Especially when the marketing is a children's toy being used in a sexualized setting marketing mostly at men


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