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Must Reads for the Week of February 7

This week we learn that girls are becoming more aware of gender discrimination by reading a girl’s letter to Lego and applauding superhero costumes created by girls.

An open letter from Dylan Farrow sparks a conversation about artists and young girls while reading a thought-provoking article on rape culture and the highly tweeted rape joke during the Super Bowl.

We learn that texting has changed the way Crisis Hotlines help youth and advice from a mother on how she teaches her daughter about dealing with mean girls.

Project unbreakable showcases photos of quotes said to sexual assault survivors by authority figures and Playwright Rebecca Gilman writes an incredible article on Feminism, Class and Flawed Heroes.

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  1. Learn why this year is a key year for women’s rights and gender equality.
  2. Megan Seling discusses the problem with the rape joke that was retweeted over 30,000 times during the Super Bowl.
  3. With the recent open letter from Dylan Farrow, a writer gives us an eye-opening answer to the question of “What is it about our artists and very young girls?”
  4. Playwright Rebecca Gilman writes on Feminism, Class and Flawed Heroes.
  5. A girl writes a remarkable letter to Lego, calling them out on their product’s gender discrimination.
  6. Project Unbreakable showcases nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures.
  7. Barbie’s unearthly proportions have been a topic of scrutiny. In response, the toy’s manufacturer Mattel claims that her body was designed for easy dressing.
  8. Kids are more impressionable, less restricted by cultural gender norms and more creative. Here are numerous photos of young girls making their own superheroes.
  9. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual. So here are some solutions a mother has found to help with teaching her daughter how to deal with mean girls.
  10. Learn how texting is changing the way Crisis Hotlines help youth.

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