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Must Reads for the Week of January 31

This week we learn about the distinction between participation and perpetration of violence in rape culture while realizing the enormous hate women face as public figures and as artists on the internet.

A 13-year old boy challenges the traditional definition of marriage in his bar mitzvah speech while a writer at the nation discusses Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars.

There is a powerful message in the ‘Selfie Revolution’ presented by hilarious Laci Green, and a dark reality portrayed by a PSA on the effects of domestic violence on girls.

One woman tells her story of realizing her beauty while another woman tells us how she tells her sex trafficking survivor story.

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  1. An eye-opening article on rape culture, and the distinction between participation and perpetration of further violence within rape culture.
  2. A superbly powerful read on the challenges Wendy Davis faces as not only an independent, single mother, public figure but as a woman with ‘friends’.
  3. What is the difference between historic self-portraits and selfies? Let Laci Green in her endless hilarity explain “The Selfie Revolution” – a celebration of yourself.
  4. How has the definition of the traditional marriage changed? Here is a simple and powerful explanation from Duncan McAlpine Sennett, a 13-year old boy giving his bar mitzvah speech.
  5. Is feminism empowered by social media? Great article by Michelle Goldberg on Feminisms’ Toxic Twitter Wars.
  6. Lindsay Bottos, who runs a Tumblr page, turns cruel anonymous messages she received into a feminist art project.
  7. How I tell My Sex Trafficking Survivor Story.
  8. A powerful story of a woman finding her own true beauty and how we can all become a part of this ‘beauty revolution’.
  9. A haunting PSA Shows Unrelenting Cycle of Domestic Violence.
  10. Does kindness matter for corporations? How about happier employees, better health and healthier relationships? Learn from a kindness coach why Kindness Matters in Today’s Corporate World.

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