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Must Reads for the Week of June 20

Newspaper stackThis week FIFA World Cup began with much excitement. Yet one article accurately calls out the many ways the media perpetuates gender stereotypes during this global soccer event. In light of many attention calls to increased human trafficking in Brazil during the games, in Ontario a new study reveals shocking facts about human trafficking right here at home. 

Two commercials got our attention this week; one that hilariously captures awkwardness of puberty and the other calling out women for saying ‘sorry’ too often.

Rape culture and the perpetual victim blaming are discussed in 3 articles, one of which brilliantly discusses the James Madison University case in Virginia.

Gloria Steinem celebrated her 80th birthday, and an article responding to ignorant celebrity remarks is a must read. And to celebrate feminist progress, 35 practical ways men can support feminism is presented.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. 8 Ways World Cup Media Perpetuates Gender Stereotypes.
  2. A new study reports Ontario as the most common destination of human trafficking and finds 63% of victims were Canadian citizens.
  3. A hilarious Ad that captures the awkwardness of puberty.
  4. A Pantene Ad dubbed “Not Sorry” Calls Women Out for Saying Sorry Too Often.
  5. This Brillian Chart Clearly Answers The Question, “When Is It OK to Blame A Women For Her Rape?”
  6. The Sexual Assault Case at the James Madison University in Virginia makes a clear case for the existence of Rape Culture.
  7. This article dissects the problem with new hotlines that send automated bell hooks quotes to aggressive men demanding women’s phone numbers.
  8. For Men out there who want to support feminism, here are 35 practical steps to take.
  9. Gloria Steinem celebrated her 80th birthday last week and responses from some notable celebrities led to this great article, “All I Want for Gloria Steinem’s Birthday is for Young Women to Embrace Feminism”.
  10. A great read on the problem of creating strong female characters in film and failing to fit them into the storyline in a meaningful way.

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