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Must Reads for the Week of March 14

 NewsWith International Women's Day happening last Saturday, the media and internet were dominated by issues facing women and girls. From WestJet promoting women in non-traditional roles to a campaign questioning why books need to be gendered, this week was all about promoting women. 

Two mother's took to the internet to write about how they are working with their kids, and others, to challenge society, while a Pittsburg artist creates a realistic Barbie doll.

And even when faced with sexism or misogyny, we are so thrilled to see so men and women standing up to speak out and speak up about why it matters and what we as a society can do to make life better for everyone.

  1. We love this classy non-response from WestJet, released on International Women's Day, shortly after a passenger earned world-wide attention for questioning why WestJet had a female pilot.
  2. A new UK based campaign is calling out publishers who are creating books "just for boys" or "just for girls"
  3. We love this mother's post about why you need to respect when your daughter says no. And why you need to teach your sons to respect her too.
  4. And this mother's campaign to change the face of beauty.
  5. Target is under fire this week for a Photoshop job gone horribly wrong.
  6. Seven men who are stepping up to end violence against women, including White Ribbon's own Jeff Perera.
  7. Lammily, the Barbie doll with proportions of an average 19 year-old, is now a reality.
  8. Food Network Canada's new ads for Top Chef Canada are incredibly sexist. And many people, including chefs, are calling them out for the bad decision.
  9. Students at the University of Ottawa are not impressed with the schools response to recent rape culture incidents and have launched their own task force.
  10. Five high school students recite the lines of their bullies to show that they have overcome them.

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