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Must Reads for the Week of March 21

Weekly RoundupThis week we laughed to a comical re-enactment of recent TV ads with gender roles reversed by Buzzfeed and watched the top 10 TED Talks women should see.

The culture of victim blaming was strongly demonstrated by an Illinois middle school that banned tight pants for female students as it distracted male students while a law school lectured women on dressing appropriately.

Aboriginal and First Nation people are sending a strong message to culturally insensitive folks via #notyourstereotype while 15 body positive messages for mothers and daughters made us smile.

Female journalists share stories about a moment of sexism and Shari Graydon gives three reasons why women might be turning down media interviews in response to Steve Paikin’s recent comments.

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  1. Not Buying Sexism: How inclusive games show hope for gaming culture.
  2. A middle school in Illinois school bans leggings and tight pants because they were distracting for male students. A policy that shifts the blame for boy’s behaviour or lack of academic concentration directly onto the girls. 
  3. Is it true that women avoid the spotlight as recently suggested by Steve Paikin? Here are three possible reasons (drawn from surveys) that women might turn down media interviews. 
  4. Female journalists share their stories about a moment of sexism they experienced in the workplace and how they dealt with it. 
  5. Buzzfeed Yellow’s comical re-enactment of recent TV ads with the gender roles reversed will make you laugh and make you think. 
  6. Aboriginal and First Nation people across Canada are sending a strong message through #notyourstereotype with the aim of educating culturally insensitive people. 
  7. 15 Body Positive Messages for Mothers & Daughters. Smile Guaranteed! 
  8. Is smart beautiful or not beautiful? Alexandra Brodsky analyzes a new ad campaign by Betabrand whose new spring collection is modeled exclusively by PhDs and doctoral candidates.
  9. Here are top 10 TED Talks Every Woman Should See.
  10. Yet another law school lectures women on how to not dress slutty

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