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Must Reads for the Week of March 28

Weekly RoundupThis week, we were thrilled that journalists are starting to ask the question "what do we do to end rape culture", instead of "does rape culture exist?".

No makeup selfies have been sweeping the internet, supporting everything from breast cancer awareness to embracing inner beauty. But are they really working?

And with the rise in public awareness about the issues facing women and girls, many companies are starting to create empowering ads aimed at women. Many people question if they are effective or just offensive.

If you have an article or story that you think we missed, share it in the comment section.

  1. Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC Radio's Q came under fire this week for a debate he hosted about if rape culture exists. We love this article that deconstructs the debate.
  2. Bitch Magazine had an incredible piece about why we need to talk and keep talking about rape culture.
  3. We love our friends at McGill University and their new campaign about feminism.
  4. An 8-year old girl was threatened with being banned from her Catholic private school because she was not feminine enough.
  5. How we talk about women. A great look at how women are referenced in the media vs. how men are referenced.
  6. This young mother's reasoning behind why she posted a no-makeup selfie for her daughter will leave you smiling.
  7. Snickers Australian ad attempts to tackle street harassment but according to this writer, fails miserably.
  8. Madeline DiNonno, the CEO for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, tackled the subject about where are girls in family films and media.
  9. UK's The Independent will no longer be reviewing books that are gender specific.
  10. We love this talk from Jill Andrews, a supporter of the Foundation, about fat shaming and the thin epidemic.

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